The 4th International Conference
on Sustainable Development in Civil, Urban and Transportation Engineering 2024

October, 14 th – 17 th, 2024, Wrocław, Poland

The CUTE 2024 conference provides academic scientists, researcher, practitioners, educators and engineers worldwide for an opportunity to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns practical challenges encountered, the solutions adopted and establishing new collaboration in the field of Civil, Urban and Transportation Engineering in term of sustainable development


• friendly development of civil and urban engineering
• sustainable development of transportation engineering
• BIM tools for sustainable buildings and infrastructure
• sustainable trends in architecture and urban planning
• sustainability in retrofitted buildings – methods, opportunities and problems
• challenges in renovation of old and historic buildings
• modern testing methods for sustainable modernization of existing building structures
• sustainable construction sites: workers’ safety and health
• green cities, green neighborhoods, green universities
• eco-friendly, green and alternative structural materials
• introduction of sustainable development goals in civil engineers education programs
• trenchless installation and rehabilitation of underground pipelines, CIPP technologies
• large scale tunnelling in soil and rock conditions
• composite structures and innovative composite materials
• mechanics of structures and materials
• computer methods and artificial intelligence for modeling, testing and multi-scale analysis of building materials
• recycling and use of waste materials
• environmental geotechnology
• sustainable ground improvement and foundation engineering.

Keynote Speakers

Damian Stefaniuk, Ph.D., USA

Aleksandra Królicka, PhD, Poland

Prof. Andrzej Ćwirzeń, Sweden

A/Prof. Bui Quoc Bao, Vietnam

Prof. Elena Marchigiani, Italy

Prof. Ilaria Garofolo, Italy

Eva Spackova, Ph.D., Czech Republic

A/Prof. Jim S. Shiau, Australia
















Wrocław University of Science and  Technology, Poland

Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam



VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic


Savoie Mont Blanc University, France

University of Trieste, Italy


Urban Innovation Center: Architecture,
Engineering, Technology, Mobility


Committee of Civil and Mechanical Engineering of Polish Academy of Sciences – Wroclaw Branch